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Overview About Niche

The Niche Mission

Niche believes in augmenting domain knowledge and industrious spirit of clients by latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of competition. Sector specific Management System, breakthrough tools and quality inputs to Human Resources are keys to this.

Niche emphasizes producing cost savings in your business process improvements while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This enables our clients to maintain and expand their existing business in the face of a more competitive world market.

History and Vision

Founded in 1998, Niche started its growth curve with implementation and certification of Quality Management System. With the passage of time, it acquired sector specific understanding and added Automotive Specific Quality, Environment, Food Safety, Pharmaceuticals, Software Quality. Niche boasts over 100 satisfied clients to vouch for its expertise in the field.

We wish to become a force to reckon with in the field of management system implementation and become a leading organization in consulting and related trainings.We have vision for serving clients far and wide, crossing borders where needed and in the process if needed we would invite strategic partnerships as well.


Niche specializes in Quality Standards Implementation, Environmental Management, Supply Chain Management, and Performance Enhancement consulting and integrated training to an extensive array of service and industry sectors.

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