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Overview of Consulting Solutions


Over our 8+ year history, Niche has helped many leading companies dramatically improve their  business operations, reach certifications and improve their performances. We have participated in initiatives on development of quality system in industries....

Lead Consultants

Our consultants have operational experience in the manufacturing and service sector who will lend  real-world expertise to help you reach your desired goals, so the solutions we help you implement will work in  your environment, not only in some text book.

At Niche, we strive to bring the latest in the field so that our clients get the best and stay in  the front line of competition.We arm ourselves with such expertise, tools and techniques, and develop our own methods which is suitable for our clients to imbibe.

Helping Businesses Work at Their Full Potential

Niche is used to leading the way in management systems implementation. From the beginning, Niche has shown our clients that the real reason behind quality standards implementation is not a certificate, but a lean, confident, sustainable and robust organization. You achieve success by recognizing the importance of quality, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction. We can help you structure your management systems to do just that.

Integrated Approach

Niche believes in integrated approach in that we bring good points from all management systems and our knowledge repository and implement the same to bring out the best for the client organization. With our expertise of various industry sectors, access to various knowledge areas help us synergize the processes with right inputs throughout the process steps.

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